Bible Study: Widows

Bible Study: Widows

Pastor Denise will host a four-week Bible Study on “Widows in the Bible”, starting on Wednesday, October 6, at 10:00 AM. (Bible Study will skip October 13th and resume on the 20th.)

Series Overview

A marriage can end with a divorce or a death. Even when a marriage ends in a divorce, the individuals often find other partners and re-marry, leading to the same possible conclusions.

The experience of being widowed is a common one, but for various reasons is far from easy. A number of Bible passages touch upon God’s view of the widow, and a number of widows appear in the Bible. The early church seems to have made a deliberate effort to make use of widows.

This course will look at:

  • What is the modern experience of being a widow?
  • What are the similarities and differences with the experience of being a widow in Biblical times?
  • What are the similarities and differences of widow versus widower?
  • How does God view the widow?

Session 1 (October 6)

Introduction: Discuss modern widows (personal sharing encouraged).  An Old Testament view will be introduced.  God’s input will be examined.


Session 2 (October 20)

An Old Testament experience of widowhood: the story of Ruth.  What issues can a modern widow relate to, and what is different?  How is the widow viewed, or are they not viewed at all?  How do the laws from Session 1 get played out?


There are only four chapters in Ruth; read the whole story if you have time.

Session 3 (October 27)

From Old Testament to New Testament.  Discuss another example of widowhood from the Old Testament.  How does Jesus use the story?  In what other ways does Jesus use widows?  Has their experience changed from Old Testament times?  Do you have a sense of Jesus’ view of them?


Session 4 (November 3)

The widow in the Church.  Discuss how the widow influenced the ministry of the church, from ministry to the widow to ministry of the widow.  Is there any shadow of the widow of 1 Timothy visible in the modern church?

Worship Plan