Office Secretary/Administrator

Office Secretary/Administrator

Salem Lutheran Church is searching for a part-time office secretary/administrator. The secretary performs a variety of clerical and administrative functions, as outlined before. The work is assigned by the pastor and/or the president of the Congregation Council.

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Description: Part-time secretary

  • Prepares the weekly church bulletin by compiling and inputting information received on lessons, music, announcements, etc. Information is typed or laid out in a stated format and an appropriate number of copies prepared for each Sunday Worship Service.
  • Prepares the church newsletter, “The Witness,” by collecting and inputting information and articles received for inclusion. The newsletter includes information from committees, the Pastor, and other regular and occasional contributors. It may include letters, notes, activity schedules and reports, financial reports, and the schedules for lectors, ushers, money counters, communion assistants, acolytes, and other rosters. Information is typed or laid out in a stated format and an appropriate number of copies are prepared and made available to all active members.
  • Prepares reports for Congregational Meetings by typing the information received in a stated format and making an appropriate number of copies for distribution at the meeting.
  • Orders office supplies and maintains inventory of same.
  • Ensures messages left on the Church answering machine are received and acted upon as appropriate.
  • Responds to congregational correspondence as required.
  • Prepares synod/ELCA records under the Pastor’s guidance.
  • Receives, opens, reviews, sorts, records, and distributes the church mail and/or email. Routes mail appropriately to the Pastor or to council or to a committee member or the stated addressee.
  • Screens all visitor and telephone calls during office hours. Determines the nature of the call or visit and refers to the appropriate individual. Takes messages and relays to Pastor or another appropriate person.
  • Makes calls or sends emails weekly to remind service participants of their Sunday duty, such as acolyte, reader, communion assistant, etc.
  • Files records, correspondence, etc., according to Pastor’s guidelines.
  • The church secretary will observe policies regarding social media, email, and other electronic communications.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
Knowledge and Skills Required:
  • Moderate typing skills.
  • Computer skills, including the ability to learn and use software programs currently in use, as well as any new programs acquired by the church for use by the secretary.
  • Ability to operate equipment, such as printers, copiers, postage meters, shredders, calculators, and other basic office machines.
  • Ability to maintain the required level of confidentiality regarding private information, which may be learned in the performance of secretarial duties.
Physical Demands and Work Environment

The work is primarily performed in an office setting. It is mainly sedentary, but will require some walking, bending, standing, and carrying of items, such as papers, occasionally cases of paper, and books.

Work Hours, Salary, and Benefits
  • The position is part-time, hourly, working 10 to 16 hours per week. Work hours are flexible in coordination with the pastor’s schedule and needs. Additional hours may be requested, occasionally.
  • Information and material may be placed in the secretary’s mailbox or sent to the office email address any time.
  • The hourly salary is established by the Personnel Committee with Congregation Council approval and includes paid Social Security. The church pays one-half, and the other half is deducted from wages.
  • The secretary will submit their hours for each week to a designated financial representative, electronically and a copy placed in a permanent file.
  • Observed holidays will be taken without pay.
  • Vacation time is encouraged and will be granted without pay. Vacation time can be taken one (1) week at a time or by the day. (Volunteers from the church will be asked to fill in as needed in the absence of the secretary.)
  • Workers’ Compensation is provided as required by local, state, or federal regulations.
Performance Reviews

A probationary review will be performed by the Pastor after three (3) months of employment.

Performance will be reviewed annually thereafter by the Pastor and the Personnel Committee.


An employee who questions or disagrees with a personnel decision made by the Personnel Committee or the Pastor, shall first take his/her grievance to the Mutual Ministry Committee and if dissatisfied with that committee’s decision may address the Congregation Council at its next regular meeting.

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