Power Pack Meals

Power Packs are a two-day supplemental meal pack for children at risk for hunger on the weekends. We are in need of microwavable cup meals (spaghetti, ravioli, macaroni and cheese, etc.), as well as fruit cups, pudding cups, and granola bars. The packs are given to the Marion Elementary School.

Case Management

A volunteer case manager works with Salem to assist members of the community who are in need to find the necessary goods and services they require.

Chambersburg Conference Furniture Ministry

A furniture and household item ministry operates out of Salem. In 2014, the ministry made 100 trips to pick up unwanted, used items and made 200 trips delivering needed items. If you would like to assist in this please contact the church office (office@salemmarion.org, 717-375-4152). Donated items are needed, and cash donations are welcomed. We also need volunteers to help with pick-up and delivery.